Some of the finishes that we use.

Bona Traffic

The main finish we use is Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD water based polyurethane, depending on the situation.

Most clients these days tend to prefer a satin, or low sheen finish to their floors. In our opinion, Bona Traffic provides the best overall satin finish while it’s extremely low solvent content provides a very safe alternative to conventional solvent based polyurethanes.

Find out more about Bona Traffic.

Gloss Finish

As yet the most effective gloss or high gloss finish, in our opinion, would be a solvent based single pack or two pack polyurethane. The down side to this finish is it’s high toxicity and longer time for curing or hardening.

We only use solvent based gloss finishes if the floor needs to match to an existing solvent based gloss finished floor, otherwise we highly recommend using Bona Traffic.

Below is an example of a recently coated gloss solvent based polyurethane jarrah floor.